Description of the race route                      

From the Showfield, climb gradually to the crossroads, where you turn right and head quite steeply down to Dibble Bridge. After the bridge, the road winds and climbs (fairly narrow here - keep left). 

There is a cattlegrid (and hopefully a marshall to open the gate alongside) and the road levels out. Turn left at the fork and you have 2km of gentle undulations, first between fields then out on the moor.

At a T-junction, turn left and descend quite steeply to Hob Hole where there is a ford! You can use the footbridge alongside if you wish!! The road climbs steeply for 200m, then the climb eases off.

The road summits at the 5km mark. There now follows a long steady descent to the 6km point where you cross the River Esk at Westerdale. As you leave the moor half way down, there is another cattlegrid, and hopefully another marshall to open the gate for you. After a short sharp climb, you enter the village of Westerdale and turn immediately left, back towards Castleton.

The next 2km are gently undulating and gradually downhill. After another cattlegrid and a dip at a stream there is a road junction. The race route follows the main road sharply to the left (don't follow the minor road straight ahead which goes uphill).

The next 1km is flat and fast along New Road before arriving at the crossroads 800m from the finish. Go straight across (TAKE CARE) and descend gradually back to the Showfield and the finish, just inside the gate, by the Cricket Pavilion.