1.      The Society shall be called “ The Castleton & Danby Floral & Horticultural Society”.

2.      All articles for exhibition must be numbered for the class in which they are intended to compete, or will not be judged, and must be delivered to the marquee between the hours of 8 and 10-30am on the morning of the day of exhibition. All specimens must remain in the marquee until 4-30pm. Numbers for exhibits will be provided by the Secretary on the morning of the show.

3.      When the class consists of three entries or less an entry shall not be entitled to a prize unless deemed worthy by the judge.

4.      All specimens must be the bona-fida growth of the exhibitor and must have been in his or her possession one month previous to the date of the show.

5.      Any exhibitor attempting to deceive the judges or the committee will forfeit their claim to any prize.

6.      All disputes shall be settled by the committee, whose decision shall be final, and subject to no appeal at law.

7.      The committee will not be responsible for any damage done to any articles submitted for exhibition.

8.      Exhibitors shall provide all articles necessary for the proper display of their exhibition.

9.      All entries in all classes must reach the Secretary not later than the Monday prior to the show, or will not be accepted. Any exhibit in the show not so entered will be disqualified.

10.  All entrance money must be paid at the time of entry or entry will be refused.

11.  All prize money will be paid between 4-30 and 6-00pm on the show day.

12.  All prize money not claimed within 14 days after the show will be forfeited to the society funds.

13.  All accounts to be submitted to and passed by a meeting of the committee not later than two months after the date of the show.

14.  Should any entry contain more or less than the number specified it will be disqualified.

15.  All objections should be made in writing to the secretary during the show accompanied by a fee of 25p, which will be returned if the objection is sustained, otherwise it will go to the society funds.

16.  Participants in events held on the field or course must take due care and attention at all times and have regard to their and others safety, and by participating acknowledge and accept the inherent risks to safety involved.

17.  Entries to the value of £3-00 or over will entitle exhibitors to one free admission ticket.

18.  Handicraft and Photography entries must have been produced in the last two years.

19.  All exhibitors of Cars, Motorcycles and Vintage Engines are required to have appropriate Insurance cover.

20.  Members of the public must take due care and attention at all timed and have regard  to their and others safety and be aware that the venue can be muddy, uneven and slippery depending on the weather conditions.

21.  The committee do not accept any liability for any damage to, or theft of vehicles parked whilst at the show.